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April 18, 2016

Hello There :)

Productivity became an interest of mine after I got so exhausted I couldn't spend time with my nephew. He would come and stay with me at the weekend and I would be so tired I would ring and ask my Dad to pick him up so I could sleep some more.


I realised that something needed to change.


Up until that point I had always worked hard, really hard. Weekends and evenings involved more work and I often worked through the night. I had felt exhausted before but wasn't in a position financially to take my foot off the pedal so I carried on.


There always seemed so much to do and I started to feel like a hamster on a wheel. So I stopped.


I worked with a coach and then spent a year training to be a coach. I also spent 3-4 years trying every time management app and program I could as well as reading every book I could find.


At the end of that time I realised;


  • That time cannot be managed

  • That you will fill your time with stuff unless you are focussed

  • You could be more productive by focussing on less stuff


Now I work with people who are tired and frustrated just like I was. I help them move from busyness to business and become much more productive.


I also work with businesses helping them free their teams from unecessary tasks, releasing productive and creative time to do all the really important stuff.


So check out the website where you will find plenty of resources to help you improve your productivity.


The Productivity Advisor